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Spousal Support Alimony

Spousal Support Alimony

Chattanooga Alimony Attorney

If you are facing divorce, spousal support/alimony is likely one of the most significant factors that will need to be determined in the process. The experienced attorneys at Conner & Roberts, PLLC, recognize the concerns you may have regarding alimony, and we can help you understand your rights and your obligations in your Tennessee divorce.

Based in Chattanooga, our family law firm provides affordable and aggressive legal representation to men and women in the Tennessee Valley and throughout the eastern and middle regions of the state in all stages of the divorce process.

Aggressively Protecting Your Best Interests When Determining Spousal Support

Offering nearly 25 years of combined legal experience, Chattanooga alimony lawyers Amelia Roberts and Lisa Conner understand the legal and the emotional challenges you may be facing in your divorce. While alimony is not mandatory in divorce settlements in Tennessee, it is often a negotiated aspect of many divorce settlements.

Tennessee family court considers several factors when determining alimony in a divorce case, such as:

  • The value of any separate property and the value of each party’s marital property
  • Whether the spouse who is seeking alimony is the custodian of the children and, given the circumstances, would it be difficult for him/her to seek employment outside of the home
  • The need of the spouse who is seeking alimony to seek additional training or education and to find appropriate employment
  • The standard of living that the spouse is accustomed to and that was established during the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The needs and obligations of each spouse
  • The comparative financial resources of each spouse
  • Any factor the court deems equitable and just

These factors can help the court consider what type of alimony will be rewarded, including alimony designed to help one spouse transition to life after divorce as well as financial support needed for spouses who cannot become self-sufficient because of age, illness or other reasons.

Our spousal maintenance lawyers will work with you to determine if alimony is needed in your case and, if so, what type of alimony will best address your needs or the needs of your former spouse. We want to help you create reasonable yet realistic support goals that can be achieved in your case.

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Lisa Conner was the fourth attorney that I visited and I knew during that first visit she was the one I wanted. What impressed me was her professionalism, knowledge of the law, but most importantly she had compassion. I felt she understood my dilemma


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