Can I Change A Lawyer In The Middle Of The Divorce?

business men signing paperworkSome people might want to change their attorney since they typically aren’t happy with the development they’ve seen up until now, or they differ with the attorney’s methods, or possibly they feel they could not afford their legal costs. These problems might feel like sufficient to change attorneys, and also occasionally they are. However, it is essential to thoroughly analyze your current situation prior to moving forward with changing your attorney in the middle of your divorce process.

Identify The Problem

Why did you decide to find a new lawyer? Is it an understandable issue? Some issues are resolvable or might not directly be triggered by your attorney, nonetheless, various other concerns might just indicate that your attorney isn’t really a perfect match for you.

If you are having a problem with the length of time your divorce is taking or another issue that might be out of your lawyer’s hands, then maybe reevaluate your reasoning. If you have a problem that is quickly fixed, talk with your attorney concerning it first prior to choosing to jump ship to a new lawyer.

However, if the concern is directly with your lawyer, picking someone new might be worth the hassle. A lawyer who does not clearly interact with you, that does not keep you notified throughout every step of your case, or that cannot reveal care or empathy for your situation might not be the most suitable for you.

Red Flags

If you aren’t certain whether or not your issues are straight caused by your legal representative, watch out for a these red flags:

  1. Your telephone calls aren’t being returned without delay. Attorneys are hectic and occasionally they may not be able to take your telephone call. But if your messages are usually let without answer for more than 48 hrs, this may be a major issue.
  2. Lack of planning or organization. If your attorney continuously asks you to send info you’ve already sent out, or indication documents you have already handled, it could suggest that your lawyer isn’t completely on top of your case.
  3. Target dates are never fulfilled. If your lawyer continues to miss out on target dates without solid explanations or because of problems totally within his/her control, it might reveal a lack of management skills.

All in all, it is very important to bear in mind that your lawyer is still a human and also can make errors. That being stated, if your attorney is making a lot more mistakes compared than is excusable, you should look for lawful advice in other places.

The Next Step

Prior to you move on, check back on the credentials as well as testimonials that initially attracted you in the direction of your first lawyer.   Were they experienced with the problems present in your specific situation? Did they have 5-star feedbacks on professional websites or rating services? Compare other points of view with your personal experiences. Chances are, if you are having an issue with your present lawyer, others have as well. If your lawyer is highly ranked and also reviewed, you could have an honest discussion with him/her concerning why you are not having the same experience.

Once you’re completely confident about your decision to find another lawyer, look at the reviews of various other lawyers near you. In Chattanooga, Tennessee law firm Conner & Roberts, PLLC serves individuals and families throughout the eastern and middle regions of the state. Our attorneys recognize the stress you may feel surrounding your legal dilemma, and we will work with you to alleviate your anxiety by helping you learn about your options.

Switching over lawyers in the middle of a divorce could be a trouble, but if your current attorney is not doing the work right, it is important that you seek lawful support from somebody who will handle your lawful matters properly and make your situation a top priority. It is constantly crucial to collaborate with an attorney you can trust, especially in issues as fragile and intimate as divorce and also family lawContact Conner & Roberts to get a free and professional consultation and finally finish your divorce case.

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