Important Divorce Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

When you know you are heading for a divorce, you will obviously have questions and concerns about the process as well as the lawyer you hire to represent you. The person you hire can have an enormous impact on your case, how it proceeds, and how it relates to your unique circumstances. Every legal professional has his or her own level of experience, skill, and philosophy as it regards the divorce process. It is as important for you to understand what is required of you and what to expect as it is for you to understand what your potential lawyer will bring to your case.

An initial meeting with a potential lawyer will be an opportunity for both of you to get to know one another as much as possible in a short time period. From this you can hopefully determine if he or she is the right fit for you. Choosing an attorney to represent you is a highly personal matter and one you should consider carefully after asking important questions.

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Get to Know Your Potential Attorney

Obviously one of the first subjects of conversation will be giving your unique story to the attorney about the breakdown of your marriage. This falls under the “what do you need to know about me” category that will likely start the conversation. Once you have sketched in the major details, you can then move on to getting vital information that can help you determine if this attorney should seriously be considered.

The following are some questions you might want to get answers to at this time.

  • Is divorce and family law your main focus of attention or only a part of a larger scale of practice areas? Do you have any special training or legal industry awards or honors?
  • How long have you been a lawyer? Has your experience included circumstances similar to mine (and here you can fill in the blank if you have something unusual in a divorce). Do you have references from other clients whom you have represented?
  • Tell me about how you charge for your services. How can we work together to make the process less expensive? How expensive your divorce will be in the end will be influenced by whether you have an uncooperative spouse, whether issues are heavily contested, and whether outside professionals are needed, such as private investigators, child psychologists, forensic accountants, or others. If these other professionals may be needed, how will you be charged for their services?
  • Who else in the office will be involved in your case, such as paralegals, etc. What is their experience?
  • Are you in favor of direct negotiation with my spouse? Are there other responsibilities I can take on to reduce my cost?
  • Overall, what to you think my divorce will cost? You may get a vague answer on this as most professionals will likely say it depends on how complicated your case is but the answer you get may help you to determine more about how comfortable you feel with or like or dislike this attorney.
  • Based on your experience with family court judges, what do you think the ruling on my case would be (given the circumstances of your case).
  • How often will we be able to talk about my case? Can I call you directly and how long do you normally take to get back to me?
  • Other questions you may ask could include what the law says specifically about a certain issue, such as child support, child custody and visitation, or other legal issues.

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