Parenting Plans Tips for Tennessee Divorced Parents

Divorce is often challenging for the individuals and families involved. Unfortunately, these challenges can extend beyond the legal process. Parents must do things such as adjust to visitation and custody agreements or budget for support payments, all while navigating life after marriage. In many cases, children must also adjust to their new normal.

While every divorce situation is unique, parents involved can do a few things to make life easier for themselves and their families.

Below, we have listed five tips for Tennessee divorced parents:

Create a Detailed Parenting Plan

Parenting plans are central to child custody cases. Parents can draft and agree to the terms of a plan on their own, or they can use mediation to create one.

Parenting plans will include details about who children live with and whether one parent or both can make decisions for their children. They can also feature directives for how parents should communicate with one another, exchange children for visits, and go about introducing a new romantic partner to a child, among many other things.

The more detailed a parenting plan, the better.

Attempt to Communicate Openly and Respectfully

As the adage goes, communication is key. This is especially true for divorced parents.

Open and respectful communication can minimize disputes and make co-parenting simpler when:

  • Scheduling visits with children.
  • Setting up exchanges.
  • Discussing a child’s financial, medical, and educational needs.
  • And taking care of any other matters.

Seek Legal Advice for Issues

If issues arise, consult a trusted Tennessee family law attorney. A lawyer’s advice could be useful if a parent is not fulfilling their end of the parenting plan. Additionally, an attorney’s counsel could help parents make necessary modifications to alimony, child support, or child custody.

Do not let problems fester. At Conner & Roberts, Pllc, we are a resource for Tennessee divorced parents. If you are concerned about your spouse’s actions, the terms of your divorce or parenting plan, or anything else, contact us to request a free consultation.

Attend Mediation If Necessary

If disputes come up with the terms and agreements of a divorce, consider choosing mediation. This alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool gives parents the power to control the outcomes of their disputes. Additionally, mediation is confidential and often much less costly and time-consuming than litigation.

Put Children First

This goes without saying. A child's best interests should come first in parenting plans, interactions with an ex-spouse, dispute resolution, and anything else. Divorce can be difficult for children, so it is important to be mindful of how actions and decisions impact them.

If you are filing for divorce, drafting a parenting plan, or facing disputes with an ex-spouse, contact Conner & Roberts, Pllc. Our team of family law attorneys takes pride in helping those in Chattanooga mindfully handle legal matters related to parenting and divorce.

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